GraceLife Lewisburg

“Our goal is to build deep-rooted followers of Christ”


Planting a church was never in my five-year plan. I can honestly say that, fifteen years ago, leading worship was not in my five-year plan either. That may be why I don’t believe in the “Where do you see yourself in five years?” question. It seems my life changes about every five years somehow so establishing an answer to that question is futile.

So I am announcing a new church plant coming to Lewisburg, Tennessee. It will be called GraceLife Lewisburg. However, it will not look like what most consider traditional church. This is not because Carrie and I are jaded with the contemporary concept of church. In some ways we are but the primary goal for us moving back home is so that we can focus on what we feel better exemplifies the primary goal of church; discipleship. 

What does GraceLife Lewisburg look like? Let’s call it a…

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