What I’ve Learned…So Far, Part 1

I just wrapped up my first year as a PhD student at Regent University. The next week is dedicated to NOT writing or doing any extensive research ; ) Therefore, I thought I’d re-share all of my “What I’m Learning, PhD Edition” posts in one spot. I can’t wait to kick off year 2!

– If one’s theory lacks external validity then it essentially lacks construct validity and is more than likely flawed from the very beginning.

– While it is true that leadership theory has much to offer the ecclesial and/or Christian leadership paradigm, the latter cannot replace the centrality of the Sacred Text.

– Idealized influence is characterized by a leader’s willingness to do what is ethical rather than what is expedient.

– The science of theological study is so much more than dates, facts, and syntax.

– “The sins of the (biblical) interpreter are two: pride and sloth.” – K. Vanhoozer

– “Do not wait for inspiration….just write!” – C. Bekker

– “One of the greatest skills of a scholar is to read a great volume in a limited amount of time. This is accomplished by dissecting the work, pulling out the most important parts, and then studying those parts in great detail. – C. Bekker

– “Culture is the antecedent to all human behavior.” – M. Moodian

– “To begin thinking about language and human beings from the perspective of Christian belief is to recognize the centrality and interrelatedness of communication and communion” – K. Vanhoozer

– Although “being” may not be as easy to measure as “doing”, it is still possible to measure the ontological factors of leadership.

– “The call of agapao love in the organization is to go far beyond seeing people as ‘hired hands,’ to seeing them as ‘hired hearts'”. – Dr. Bruce Winston

–  “Humility is the willingness to admit that one’s knowledge and experience are limited and incomplete and to act accordingly.” – Dr. Stephen Brookfield and Dr. Stephen Preskill

– “Usually, superiority appears in disguise as a virtuous: ‘I am here to help you (so do as I say!)’ Superiority cloaked in the desire to serve is still superiority.” – Dr. Duane Elmer

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