What I’ve Learned…So Far, Part 2

I just wrapped up my first year as a PhD student at Regent University. Yesterday I shared part 1 of a consolidated list of all of my “What I’m Learning, PhD Edition” posts. Here’s the rest of the list:

– “There is no such thing as a self-constructed life. There is only being in Christ, or there is the nothingness that others create for us.” – Dr. M.Craig Barnes

–  “The school, on which we pinned so much of our hopes for a better society, has become too much a social-upgrading mechanism that destroys community. The alienation and purposelessness  of our times is laid at the door, not of education, but of the school.” – Robert Greenleaf

– “The Bible is a most comforting book; it is also a most discomforting book.” Eugene Peterson

– The world is in desperate need of a different leadership model, with corporate leaders taking advantage of their positions, leaders of undeveloped countries producing more poverty, and church leaders compromising their churches through their lack of integrity. – Dr. Steven Crowther

– “Jesus does not resist our desire to be great; He changes the path to greatness. The path to greatness is paved with becoming a servant, which is the opposite way from the traveled path to supposed greatness.” – Dr. Steven Crowther

– “Leading change is one of the most important, and still difficult, aspects of leadership.” – Laurie McCabe

– “The typical reader of Scripture treats the text like a window or mirror. Viewing the Scripture in this one-dimensional manner does not allow one to take in all of the cultural, linguistic, and societal aspects of the narrative.” Dr. Corne Bekker

– Christian leadership theory must have as its focus “becoming” and “being” as opposed to “lording” and “leading”.

–  “Servant leadership is more a matter of ‘becoming’ a servant than simply ‘doing’ the work of a servant.” – Dr. Steven Crowther


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