Sunday Thoughts

1. I typically take a 30 minute break between the Kleeman setup and the start of our service at 10am. I pulled into the parking lot at the same time as 3 other families. I had no idea who they were! It is so cool to see and meet all of the new folks who are connecting with GraceLife Church!

2. Today we continued our “Fight” series by looking at Joseph’s life in Egypt. There are so many angles to his narrative that I could probably teach for 8 weeks just on the life of Joseph.

3. One of the biggest lessons we learn from Joseph’s life is that what looks like a setback may actually be a setup for something better.

4. At GraceLife, our children’s ministry (1st-5th) joins us during the music portion of our worship services. One of the highlights of my Sunday is watching those kids raise their hands, dance, and sing their hearts out to the King.

5. Pray for me! Tomorrow starts week 1 of 13 in the battlefield of Quantitative Analysis.

6. Thankfully, I’ll also have a wonderful course on Ecclesial Leadership, Theology, and Philosophy to balance out the chaos of ANOVA’s, T-tests, and the SPSS  interface.

7. Thank God for some much-needed rain this week. Although it would have been nice if He didn’t send it all at once, it sure was nice to finally get some precipitation ; )

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