Sunday Thoughts

1. I’ve spent most of the weekend on “medic” duty helping my youngest son heal up after a football injury.

2. I would love to say that he got hurt making a play or during an important drill. Sadly, that is not the case. One day I’ll write a post about the danger of leaders taking unnecessary risks.

3. However, I am not “Christian” enough to write that post any time soon ; )

4.  GraceLife Church continued our “Sola” series with a talk about “Scripture Alone.” I’ve heard great reports!

5. Thank God for the great team He has put together for GraceLife!

6.  This football season is KILLING me. I’ll be a Bucs fan for life but man, they are making it hard! At least the rest of the NFC South is terrible too.

7. I have an intense writing load next week. Time to enjoy my last few hours of media induced vegetation.

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