About that wait…


I don’t know about you but I am not a fan of waiting. I don’t like traffic, long lines, crowds, or being put on hold. I read somewhere about “long-suffering” being an important part of the Christian walk. Well, I haven’t taken that class yet ; ) In all seriousness, Christians have been saying that “Jesus is coming back” for a LONG time. Talk about being on hold! I believe He’s coming but when I think of all of the people who are not yet following Him I want Him to wait just a little while longer. I also look at the ugliness of our world and think, “any day now would be fine!” Honestly, this waiting thing is for the birds! This Sunday GraceLife Church continues our “The End” series with a talk about birds, talents, and what to do “While we wait.” Join us at 10am and bring a friend!

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