All You’re Ever Gonna Be Is Mean (Repost)

Social media turns people into angry elves.

Seriously, take a scroll through a FB timeline or the comments section of your nearest YouTube video and you’ll find textbook “hater-ism”. Somehow we’ve been duped into thinking that just because we can type it, it must be true. Someone lied to us and told us that social media exempts us from common courtesy and momma’s classic rule: If you cannot say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all.

I love how social media connects me with dear friends and family. I love that it gives Jesus a platform to speak through me. I love all of the real world friendships that I have developed via FB and Twitter.

A bit of sarcasm and satire has its place. I am all about a good laugh.

However, I hate that social media has turned people into overly critical jerks.

I hate that FB makes keyboard warriors out of cowards who would NEVER say “that” to our faces.

You and I have a choice. We can use the tool or let the tool use us. If you choose the latter I promise you, life will move on, you will become isolated, and all you are ever going to be is the “jerk” that everyone hides in their FB feed and “real life” feed.

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