Put Feet to Faith…Write it Down.

One discipline of mine that has paid off in a HUGE way is writing out my goals, accomplishments, and setbacks. During the last week of the year I always review the wins and losses of the year and I write out the dreams and goals for the upcoming year.I write down my setbacks to remember that there are always areas that need growth and improvement. I share this list with my wife, coaches and mentors, and my closest friends. I usually hit most if not all of the of the goals I set. I am convinced that these goals are met in part because I do not wait to set them. I write them down privately,  pray like it depends on God, and work like it depends on me. In spite of some setbacks in 2014, with God’s help I was able to:

Gain muscle mass and strength
Read 64 books
Stay in XL/XXL shirts
Preach 54 sermons
Finish first year and a half of PhD program with 3.79 GPA
Maintain workout rhythm (4 times a week in the gym or on the mats)
Lead GraceLife through a new season
Earn 2 stripes on Blue Belt in BJJ
Mentor no less than 3 leaders
Increase financial giving to God
Have 3 papers presented in 2 academic conferences
Have 2 articles accepted for publication
GCD Faculty of the Year
Invest in family rhythms (Family nights, intentional time with sons, date nights, etc.)

With the exception of the Faculty of the year award, all of these were goals that were written down in one way or another. I’m convinced that those “dreams” came true because I aimed for them. God gets all of the glory because He took my best, and more often my mess, and made something beautiful out of last year.

I encourage you to take some time this week to pray, reflect, and write down some goals for 2015. Share them with someone you trust who will keep you accountable.

I’m pulling for you all! Ignore the haters and cynics…2015 will be AMAZING!

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