Biggest Mistakes I’ve Made In Ministry Part 2

I’ve been in vocational pastoral ministry for 10 years. During that short time I believe I’ve done some things right ; )

I’ve also screwed up… a lot!

Here’s another one of the biggest mistakes I’ve made in ministry:

2. Trying to please people.

There was a time in my life when I said “Yes” to every opportunity that was presented to me. I did not want to let anyone down and I did not want anyone to not “like” me. So,  I allowed manipulative people to control me because I hated conflict. I did not speak up for myself because I wanted everyone to think well of me. I bought into a church culture that often equated busyness with holiness. The result: I was miserable, depressed, and had to “fake it until’ I made it.” I never made it. Instead, I became a weak leader because I tried to please people who could never be satisfied.

One of the best days of my life as a church leader was the day I finally said, “No.” I realized that the only person to blame for the crushing sense of defeat that I constantly felt was Carlo.  Leading and serving people means sometimes saying “no” or speaking the hard truth.

Instead of trying to please people I decided to love people.

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