Biggest Mistakes I’ve Made In Ministry Part 3

Last week I shared 2 of the countless mistakes I’ve made in 10 years of vocational ministry. If you missed those posts you can read them here: Part 1 and Part 2

Here’s another:

3. Letting the loudest voice get the last word.

Just because someone is loud it does not mean that they are right, righteous, really trying to help you at all. In fact, experience has shown me that the loudest critics are typically the biggest “bench-warmers.” However, that did not stop me from letting the loud, unproductive, and negative voices get the last word in my spirit. I cannot tell you how many awesome Sundays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays I’ve allowed the “loudest” to ruin. Instead of trusting in the still, small voice of the Lord, I often  allowed a loud critic to shake me into a funk.

How did I overcome this mistake? I started listening to the right voices. The right voices keep it real, but always from a place of faith. The right voices are those who genuinely care for you  and contribute to the collective mission of the church. The right voices speak the truth in love.

Someone once said, “It only takes one negative word to negate a thousand positive words.” Let’s stop the madness. Instead of giving the loudest voice the last word, let’s choose to drown it out with the thousands of “quiet” voices that are cheering us on!

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