The Hardest Day

March 17, 2003. Hands down the hardest day of my life. I spent that day on a plane, in Sicily, on a plane again, and then in Kuwait. I was on my way to Iraq. We actually had a couple of SCUD  drills that day. Anyway, by the time I was able to get to a phone to call home I was spent and stressed out. The war was starting within a couple of hours and everyone was anxious. I called home and received the news from Jaemi that our girls were gone. We had just lost our twin daughters.

The days ahead were full of more traveling…Dubai…Milan…Atlanta…home. I rode the “roller coaster” of of fear, pain, sadness, and confusion. My mind was still overseas and my heart was a mess. BUT, those days were also full of grace. Those days were full of a God who knows, who is near, and who never fails. 12 years later I can look back and see a million great things that came out of March 17, 2003.

Thank God for the hardest day.

(My wife shared her thoughts here.)

This post is an adaptation of this post.

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