What I’m Learning

1. “The less ‘active’ spirit practices (stillness, contemplation, pausing, meditation, lectio divina, etc) remind us that there is NOTHING that we can due to earn God’s love, grace, mercy, or salvation. In rest we find true freedom and healing.” – Dr. Kelly Breen Boyce

2. “A ‘Holy huddle’ is not a mark of the Spirit. Being stuck in ‘Eden’ is not a mark of the Spirit. We are called to the messy world. Union with God does not remove us from the suffering in this world.” – Jacqueline H.G. Clark

3. “Happiness is not just the product of external mediators. Joy is deeper than our psycho-social constructs of happiness. The happiest people are those who overflow with love and generosity for others. True joy and happiness are matters of the spirit.” – Dr. Stephen G. Post

What are you learning?

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