Start Counting What Really Counts

We get in trouble when we allow the wrong metrics to dictate our lives. Let me explain.

Last week I had my 6 month check-up. After the usual routine of questions, poking, measuring, and listening my doc took me into his office to give me the “State of the Union” regarding my health and fitness. He shared the results of my blood work and he gave me some news that could have sent me into a spiral of self-loathing and depression:

I gained 15 pounds.

If you’re interested, you can check out my health story here. Bottom line: at one point I had lost 100 pounds! However, over the last 3 years I’ve intentionally bulked up (the right way) through strength training and supplements. In 2013 my diet fell off a bit, but I stayed pretty active. Still, who wants to hear that they’ve gained 15 pounds?

I could have let that number freak me out but I did not. Why? Because that was not the number that mattered. What mattered is that my blood work told the true story regarding my health. My cholesterol level is immaculate. My blood-pressure is perfect. I am not at risk for diabetes and the Crohn’s Disease that used to cripple me is deep in remission. I train jiu jitsu 2-3 times a week and work on strength and conditioning an additional 2-3 times a week. I can hike, climb, run, and outlast my kids when it comes to cardio and endurance. I am healthy and that is what really matters. Thank God!

Let me encourage you friend, don’t let the numbers on a scale tell your whole story. Pastor, don’t allow the weekly offering or Sunday head-count alone to define your wins. Parents, don’t let the bad days drown out all of the “little victories” in your life.You may be healthier than you think.

Start counting what really counts.



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