The Destruction of Always Being “On”

I have a lot of team experience. I have fond memories of the football teams I played on as a youngster. One of the greatest honors of my life is the fact that I spent 5 years on the greatest fighting team on the planet: The US Army. I have been on staff in large organizations and small organizations. I have witnessed team operations from the board room to the break room. In all of my experiences I have witnessed one phenomenon that transcends organizational structure, geography, or mission:

When the leader finds his or her identity in “doing” instead of “being”, the team suffers.

This type of leader is one who is always on the clock. This is the boss who always calls at the last-minute with some “emergency” that cuts into your family time. This is the leader who sends you an email or text messages at 11:00pm and expects a reply. This is the leader who boasts in how much vacation they have NOT taken.

I used to be this type of leader. Trust me, refusing to slow down, always being “on”, and equating busyness with fruitfulness will not only destroy the morale of a healthy team, it will also destroy the leader.

Rest is a biblical principle. Living out of the overflow of WHO we are versus what we DO is a biblical principle. God is not impressed by a 65 hour work-week.

Should we work hard? Absolutely.

Should it be at the expense of what really matters? Never.

This post is a repost of this post.

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