Thank God for Our School System

I “graduated” from the Leadership Clarksville-Montgomery County School System (LCMCSS) program yesterday. This program is designed to give community leaders an inside look into every aspect of our local school system. Over the last 9 months we’ve examined everything from curriculum development to building maintenance to the budget. More than that, we’ve been able to spend several hours inside of our schools and witness first-hand some of our nations greatest heroes (teachers) in action.  Our school system does amazing work:

  • CMCSS has a 94% graduation rate compared to the rest of the state (87.2%) and the national average (81%).
  • Our ACT scores are above the state average.
  • CMCSS does more with less. Our per pupil expenditure is $2840 below the national average.

The dedication and hard-work that our teachers, support staff, and administrators put in on a day-to-day basis is humbling to say the least. I am grateful for the experience of LCMCSS. I encourage you, instead of complaining about your school system, learn about the process and the system and then find out how you can serve. Find out how you can make a difference. It takes a lot to educate our children and I am thankful for the great work that the CMCSS team is doing!

Click here for more info on the LCMCSS program.

Click here to apply for the next class!

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