Sunday Thoughts

1. GraceLife Church celebrated Pentecost Sunday (the birth of the Church) with a fast and furious trip through the Book of Acts.

2. I had a blast explaining how the Spirit works in us via salvation (Acts 1-4), suffering  (Acts 5-12) and mission (Acts 13-28).

3. We took a look backwards in order to celebrate and remember why the Church exists: The Church exists to carry the Good News of the Kingdom by the power of the Holy Spirit. Everything else we do is secondary.

4. I rarely get physically exhausted after preaching/teaching. However, after a hard week of Jiu Jitsu training and PhD writing/research, I was ready to fall out after todays message! I’m the “good” kind of exhausted!

5. Congrats to all of the local High School graduates who finished strong!

6. Memorial Day weekend is a special time in our community (Clarksville/Fort Campbell). We are thankful for the long-weekend, but it is so much more than just a day off.

7. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

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