The Real War On Marriage

I believe that God gave us the gift of marriage as a tangible display of His love for us. I believe that marriage between one man and one woman (for life) serves as a holy platform for discipleship and the mission of God (Ephesians 5). I live in a community with a staggering divorce rate. Every day I encounter couples who are hanging on by a thread. Every week I witness the pain associated with adultery, unfaithfulness, abuse, and broken homes as I serve the people in my community through the local church.

Marriage is under attack. However, I am afraid that we often waste our energy fighting cultural battles that we lost 25 years ago.

Instead, I believe that we can engage the one who comes to steal, kill, and destroy (John 10:10) by fighting for marriages that are on the verge of collapse and by preparing new couples for a God-honoring marriage. This Sunday at 10am GraceLife Church will get real about marriage with our friends from Reclaiming Dreams (Marriage Support Center). We’ll hear a powerful story about how God is able to overcome the dark side of marriage. We’ll learn that no matter what you may be facing as a couple, there is hope in Jesus. More than that, we’ll leave with a strategy to get off of the couch and into the fight as we engage in the real war on marriage. Don’t miss it!

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