3 Habits That Help Me Lead (Repost)

I typically make fun of “7 Things, 3 Keys, 10 reasons…” type of blog posts. So of course, I have to make one too! Seriously though, if you are leader these 3 habits have the potential to be a game changer for your life. I know they have changed the game for me. Before I share them let me explain why I am not listing “Prayer/Devotional” life on this list. I am not including that on the list because my daily walk with Jesus transcends a list of priorities, traits, or principles for success. My devotional life is the foundation upon which these habits are built. That being said, here are 3 habits that help me lead:

1. Work out. This not only reduces stress and promotes long life and health, it also boosts my energy levels. Coupled with eating clean, this rule will have you leading at a high level. Leadership is hard and stressful. It’s supposed to be hard! Being in physical shape makes it easier to handle the mental (and physical) stress that comes with leading others through their own times of chaos. Go for a walk, lift weights, join a recreational sports team, invest in a personal trainer, practice a martial art….whatever you do, get moving. Your life and leadership literally depends on it.

2. Hang out. Other than quality time spent with my family, the most important meetings I have every week center on hanging out with other leaders and friends. Every week I have a couple of standing meetings with  pastors and high level leaders who double as some of my best friends. We talk life, leadership, and everything in between. We pray together. We give each other advice. We give and receive criticism (in a good way). These meetings not only keep me accountable, they sharpen me, challenge me, and encourage me. I am a better leader because my buddies make me better. You can’t be a healthy leader and do it all alone. You can’t.

3. Chill out. For the last 10 years I have guarded one day above all other days. On Friday, I chill. Friday is my sabbath. Friday is a day to reflect on God’s goodness, enjoy my family, and rest from my work. You have to rest. You must. I am not talking about being lazy or taking endless vacations and shortcuts. I’m talking about refusing to become a slave to the grind. The God of heaven and earth set a wonderful precedent in Genesis 2:2-3 when he rested from all of His work.  If He rested, who do you think you are when you refuse to take a day off? Chill out man (or woman).

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