What I’m Learning

1. “Certain strands of evangelical and fundamentalist Christianity, in which one’s ‘personal decision for Christ’ can overshadow shadow the call to embody the gospel, come close to Gnosticism. In attempting to be helpful and take the mystery out of such disciplines, perhaps we have taken out too much mystery-perhaps we have taken out the person of God. Eventually, the depersonalization of the encounter with Scripture will eventuate in a functional gnosis, whereby a certain metanarrative (justification by faith, freedom, self-fulfillment, family values) becomes a default gospel behind and above the Gospels, evacuating the unique force of the biblical texts at hand.” –  Mark Husbands and Jeffrey P. Greenman, Ancient Faith for the Church’s Future

2. “It is much easier to act like Jesus then it is to react like Jesus.”   – Mark Batterson

3. “The best church designs are the ones that fuse axis and praxis—what we believe and what we choose to do about it.” – Linda Bergquist and Allan Karr

What are you learning?

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