Sunday Thoughts

1. Thank God for another GREAT Sunday with GraceLife Church!

2. It was great to see so many folks back in town. Outside of our annual Church in the Park service, today was the largest summer gathering in the history of GraceLife Church! Your presence matters!

3. Speaking of Church in the Park, I can’t wait for next Sunday. We’ll be gathering at Billy Dunlop Park at 10am for worship, baptisms, and great food! Be there!

4. Today we continued our “Exploring Mark” series with a look at “Compassion in Action.

5. A good intention is not the same thing as doing good. True faith always leads to action. In order to take a stand we have to actually get off of the couch, put down the phone, and leave our comfort zones.

6. Yesterday I got to spend almost 5 hours on the mats with some of my jiu jitsu family. My friends, THAT is what I call a great Saturday.

7. It. Is. HOT. 93 with a 105 heat index. I need these next 2 months to hurry up!

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