3 Ways for the Church to Move Forward


It seems that the age of cultural Christianity in the American church may soon be at an end. Therefore, the People of God should embrace these tragic cultural turns and the trials to come for what they are: opportunities to live out the values of the Kingdom.[1] The recent legalization of same-sex “marriage”, changing opinions on drug usage, and the new standards of personal and gender identification are nothing more than the fruit or relativistic philosophy.[2] Some argue that this way of thinking produces nothing short of a corruption and breakdown of morality.[3] How should the Church move forward in a culture that is becoming increasingly hostile to the biblical worldview?

First, it is important to remember that the biblical meaning of authority is more connected with “to save” then it is with “to prove correct.”[4] Thus, it is the primary responsibility of church leaders to maintain the organizational focus of the mission of God (making disciples) as opposed to engaging in cultural wars with those who do not have “ears to hear.”

Second, the church must speak the truth in love by moving these conversations away from human sexuality, moralism, lists of “dos and don’ts”, and race and back toward our identity in Christ. For example, if someone says, “I am a practicing homosexual Christian” then they are essentially placing their concept of sexuality or sexual identity before their position in Christ.[5] This is the essence of idolatry.[6] Rather than starting at a place of judgment against the sinner, church leaders would do well to start where Jesus did: relational discipleship for the purpose of life change.[7]

Finally, the Church must look for practical responses that allow for church functioning without biblical compromise. I give an example of what that could look like in this post about marriage.

Some are in a panic as they witness what is arguably the most rapidly changing culture in history. As for me, I am excited about the future of the Church because the One who rules the Church just happens to also rule the future!

Time to move forward!

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