The Endgame of Truth


It seems as if cultural influences will greatly impact the centrality of the Bible as “truth” in the 21st Century church in America. Cole argues that the authority of God’s word is a central principle for healthy church multiplication.[1] However, “authority” is often defined differently amongst churches in America. For example, some argue that the Scriptures are the ALL-authoritative rule for faith, life AND conduct. Others argue that the Scriptures are all authoritative on matters relating to faith and salvation, but should be interpreted through the lens of tradition, reason, AND experience.[3] Regardless of the position one takes, if the Church is to hold Scripture as “truth”, then the endgame of that truth should matter more than opinions of interpretation. Boone argues that the Bible has authority in one’s life when the God who speaks through the text changes them.[4] Therefore, the endgame of truth is a fully devoted follower of Christ…not successful arguments or a million Facebook “likes”. It is paramount that the Church consider the high cost of “speaking the truth in love” in a culture that is not at all interested in truth as defined by the Bible. Remember, John the Baptist was arrested and executed for having a politically incorrect opinion.[5] Will the Word of God now be used less often because of cultural inferences? How will culture impact the ecclesial model of family? It depends on the price churches are willing to pay for the Truth.

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[4] Carlo Serrano. “Exploring Mark – The High Cost of Truth.” Sermon. GraceLife Church, Clarksville, TN, July 12, 2015.

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