More Smitten Than Smart


In his book, “The Foolishness of Preaching”, Robert Farrar Capon challenges preachers to:

“Never think of yourself as just ‘studying the Bible. You’re supposed to be falling in love with the Beloved in whom you are accepted – not proving that your interest in Scripture is intellectually respectable. Even Scripture scholars (when and if they’re good preachers) rarely strike that smarmy, self-congratulatory note. They always seem more smitten than smart” (p. 62).

More smitten than smart!

It seems as if this should be the goal for all church leaders. Rather than chasing fame, numerical growth for the sake of numbers, comfort via vocational security, or accolades via advanced degrees and titles, church leaders place the pursuit of the Lord as their highest calling. How does the Church accomplish its mission? Perhaps the church should start with leaders who are “more smitten than smart.” This is not a call for “stupid” or “spooky” leadership. This is a call for spiritual leaders to be full of well, the Spirit.

One thought on “More Smitten Than Smart

  1. This is great. I’ve going through 1 Cor 13 and trying to really grasp what love is. We forget that the Bible is a love letter from a great Father. Showing us who we are, where we come from, what He wants from us. I try to be “smart” on the Bible far more than I should. I should get back to reading it like that love letter, over and over again. Thanks, man.


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