My Love

In the beginning of 1998 my only accomplishment as a productive citizen was a job at 7/11, but that was mainly to enjoy the “free-ish” hotdogs and slurpees and to slack off in the cooler whilst stocking drinks. I was the king of the “punk-rock-but-not-doing-anything-with-your-life-slackers.” Honestly, I felt like a loser, looked like  street urchin, and faked it on the regular. On the surface I was the guy that should have been counted out:

I had no money saved and hardly any to spend.

I had no drive, even though I had a purpose.

I had no car and I sponged off of the kindness of friends and family.

I had no idea where I was going in life.

And then I met Jaemi. She motivated me, challenged me, and encouraged me to be something. Like Jesus, she saw something in me that no one else could. She believed in me even when I did not believe in myself. Without her, I’d probably still be living in my hometown, working a dead-end job, and still trying to “make it” in some silly band. With her encouragement, love, and support, I now get to wake up everyday and live my dream.

I stopped trying to figure out why she chose me. All I know is that I am glad she did!

Happy 17th Anniversary Jaemi! I thank God for you!!

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