Something From Nothing: Foo Fighter Reflections


Last October I got to check an item off of the bucket list when I saw Paul McCartney live in concert. Then, 6 months ago I got to check another item off when I saw Stevie Wonder perform his Songs in the Key of Life album in its entirety (plus tons of other hits). Well, now I can call it a trifecta! Last night my wife and I got to experience my favorite group, Foo Fighters!

2.5 hours of face melting glory! A true rock and roll show. No auto-tune. No distracting backup dancers to compensate for weak musicianship. Just Dave, Pat, Chris, Taylor, Nate, and Rami shredding 20 years of hits. For me, Foo Fighters represent a dying breed: mainstream artists who still care about hard work, humility, and putting on a great show for the fans. Dave Grohl is the 2nd richest drummer in the world (behind only Ringo). Yet, instead of living some plastic phony life, Dave drives a Toyota mini van and takes his daughters to school just like the rest of us who endure car-rider lines.

Dave was just a dorky kid who loved punk rock, chased his dream, and ended up in one of the biggest rock bands in history (Nirvana for your “living under a rock” folks). When Nirvana ended he started all over again with Foo Fighters. The rest is history.

Thanks for helping me celebrate my birthday Foos!

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