Still Fighting My Fight

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I love Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I love the health benefits, physical and mental challenge, and relational connections that are made on the mats and in the gym. However, I am not motivated by a desire to fight professionally or semi-professionally. In fact, for the longest time I had no desire to compete as an amateur. I had no desire to chase medals, compete in tournaments, or dedicate 7 days a week to training. For some in the jiu jitsu world, my worldview was blasphemy.

I didn’t care. I did not let the “pressure” of someone else’s standards dictate my life. Now, I am ready to compete.

I have one Lord and His name is Jesus, not Jiu Jitsu. Would a black belt be awesome? Sure. However, at this point in my life God has called me to be a black belt in leading my family, preaching, teaching, and serving. Thus, I train for me, not someone else’s preconceived notions of what a BJJ practitioner should be. I’m excited about my upcoming competitions because I am competing for the pure love of the art and for a new challenge. I am competing for my friends  family at Team Legion and Clarksville BJJ Academy who have walked with me on this journey. 

Don’t let others control your motivations. Whatever you do in life, fight YOUR fight.

This post is an update of this post.

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