Look for the Win


The other day I got “owned” on the mats. I did not pull off any submissions and I even tapped once or thrice. However, I was in the gym at an hour when others were asleep or stuffing their faces. I survived against younger, stronger, and more experienced combat athletes. I defended well. I escaped some sticky situations. I maintained my composure when my back was against the wall. I grew physically and mentally. I got owned on the mats…but I did not lose.

I decided a long time ago that I am going to “fight my own fight.” For me, that means always finding the win regardless of the situation. Too many people let pride or an attitude of comparison stifle their growth. Perspective is everything.

This is not just about physical training. This is about life. If you look for an excuse you will find one. Look for the win instead.

“If you do not lose, you can only win.” – Carlos and Helio Gracie

This post is an adaptation of this post.

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