Monday Thoughts

1. After a full week of travel and teaching I am glad to be home and back in my “normal” groove.

2. Once again we saw God do what he does best at our latest Warrior Weekend...change lives!

3. GraceLife Church continued our “Greater” series with a great word from Pastor Thomas. If you weren’t there, you missed a great word.

4. This Saturday GraceLife is hosting a fun and unique Halloween OutreachCosplay Clarksville. Click the links for more info.

5. Yesterday was an especially difficult day to be a Bucs and Titan fan. Who am I kidding…everyday is a difficult day to support my favorite teams! I love them anyway!

6. Speaking of teams, I’m in my final week of tough training before my upcoming BJJ competitions. Many thanks to my Team Legion and GB Clarksville family for pushing me over the last 6 weeks.

7. Time to give Monday beat down. Have an AWESOME day!

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