7 Lessons from Training Camp

10926281_10153179270007997_2040743816000770980_oI just wrapped up 6 of the toughest weeks of my life. A couple of months ago I shared about my journey toward my first Jiu Jitsu competitions. This week is “fight week.” Time to refine, recover, and drill drill drill! Here’s what I learned over the last month and a half:

1. I am stronger than I think I am. This has proven true both mentally and physically.

2. I am weaker than I think I am. The beauty of Jiu Jitsu is its uncanny ability to humble a person on any given day at any moment.

3. Community matters. Although the actually competition involves a one-on-one engagement, it is impossible to practice Jiu Jitsu without a partner. It is impossible to truly learn without a coach. It is impossible to improve without various training partners and teammates. Much love and thanks to Professors Ray Casias, Deanna Yohe, Earl Medley, John Renken, Raphael Jovet, Team Legion, GB Clarksville, and GB Springlake for helping me during this camp. Community matters.

4. You are what you eat AND drink. Small adjustments to my diet have made a HUGE impact on my performance.

5. Rest is just as important as live-training. It does no good to be the toughest guy in the room if your body is too broken to function. Thank God for “off” days!

6. Repetition is the difference between survival and imposing your will. My most successful techniques are the ones that I’ve drilled thousands of times. I know this seems obvious, but there is nothing like living it out through experience.

7. Good things come through suffering. There’s no way around it. My neck, ears, shoulders, knees, fingers, and elbows are almost always sore. However, I’ll take tendonitis any day as opposed to a life of regret.

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