Jiu Jitsu Journeys

This year I competed for the first time in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I invested a lot of time and sweat getting ready for these two events and I felt very prepared both physically and technically. However, there is one thing that can never be replaced on the training mats or during a conditioning circuit: Experience.

It is hard to replicate the flood of norepinephrine that washes over your body before a fight. The loss of hearing…The tunnel vision…The almost Instagram-like filter that alters the colors around you…What a fascinating and fun experience!

Here’s what I learned:

If you are comfortable in worst case scenarios then there are no worst case scenarios. Confidence does not come from “points”. It does not come from having everything figured out. It comes from keeping it simple, trusting in your training, and believing that the one in you is greater than the giant attacking you.

I faced 3 stronger and larger opponents. I was put in some dangerous positions. However, with the exception of my first competition, they did not finish me. I survived…and for a 36-year-old preacher/professor with more battle wounds then I can count…I call that WINNING! 10 years ago I was medically discharged from the Army with back issues and an intestinal disease that should have permanently sidelined me. 4 years ago I weighed well over 300 lbs and I was a physical mess. Yeah, I’d definitely call Saturday a HUGE victory for me and my family! To God be all of the glory!

No regrets!

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