I’m a goal-oriented person. Every year I make a list of wins and losses from the previous year along with a new set of goals to accomplish. Goals are good. However, goals without FOCUS are just a bunch of words on a piece of paper. Ours is a culture that feeds on distractions and busyness. The problem is this: multi-tasking is a myth. You cannot give 100 percent of your energy to multiple areas at the same time. I think that many people fail to accomplish their goals because they are spreading themselves too thin and losing bandwidth. More than that, many people do not accomplish their goals because they waste bandwidth on nonsense such as relational drama, too much social media, and way too much TV. You cannot achieve greatness if you are constantly living vicariously through the media. You cannot win if you are constantly escaping from reality through entertainment. You will not accomplish your goals if you give 10 percent of your energy to 10 different things.

Instead of trying to accomplish 10 things, what if you focused all of your energy on ONE thing?

One specific health goal that will impact every other area of your life.

One specific financial goal that will change the game for you and your family.

One specific vocational goal that will unleash your potential.



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