Others FOCUS


Andy Stanley says, “Purpose is always found just on the other side of ‘What’s in it for me.’ The best thing that you could do for you has nothing to do with you! Say NO to you so that you can say YES to something bigger.”

Yesterday we talked about focusing on ONE specific goal. Here’s a thought:

Instead of making that ONE thing all about yourself, what if you focused on ONE thing that would benefit the greatest amount of people?

Don’t set a health goal to look better or feel great. Set a health goal because WE need you to be ALIVE.

Don’t set a financial goal in order to buy more stuff. Set financial goals that will set you up to be GENEROUS.

Don’t set vocational goals just to rise to the top. Pay the cost to be the boss so that you can lift OTHERS up.

Devote yourself to more than yourself so you will have more than yourself to show for yourself.

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