Learn to Fight


Sportscaster extraordinaire Dan Patrick once asked former UFC Light-heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell, “What’s more important, being able to throw a punch or take a punch?” Chuck said, “While they are both important, you have to be able to take a punch in order to land a knockout punch.” Simply put, if you get knocked out every time you get hit you won’t make it as a fighter.

I’ve been training in martial arts since 2007 and I think that Chuck’s Liddell’s principle applies to all of life.

Too many people think that they will rise to the occasion should hard times come their way. The truth is this: Very few people rise to the occasion but everyone falls back to their lowest level of training. If you don’t train how to physically defend yourself you are just setting yourself up to be a victim. If you don’t train how to spiritually and emotionally fight you are just setting yourself up for a life of drama, victimhood, and stress.

Instead of letting your circumstances kick you butt, stop blaming others and learn to fight. For the Christ-follower this means fighting the REAL fight.

Getting get hit does not mean that you are losing. Getting hit means that you are human!

Shake it off.

Press on.

Learn to fight and keep fighting.


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