Christian, Move Forward


There are multiple places you can go to find out what the Christian response should be to all of the division and hate that is plaguing the United States. I too have something to say about the matter. A couple of year ago a wrote a brief manifesto  to articulate how I was feeling about all of the political hate. Here’s an edited version. Let’s keep moving forward:

We must chose to be righteous more than we fight for our right to be right. We must care more about winning people than winning arguments. We must make a big deal about Jesus, His grace, His love, and His mercy. We must express His glory, His goodness, and His Kingdom more than we express our political and personal opinions. He did not come to condemn the world. Why should we condemn? He did not overthrow governments by political means. He did not throw stones at others while hiding behind anonymity and distance. He changed the world one life at a time. His way is best. We were dead. He came that we might have life. We were lost. He found us. He called us, not to make much about the Kingdom-of-what-we-think-is-right, but to make much of Him.

We are fully devoted followers of Christ because He let’s us be.

This, is Good News.

Move forward.

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