The Greatest Book


Yesterday I shared with you my January 2017 book list. That post made me realize that it has been a while since I shared my approach to the greatest book: The Bible. For some, the Bible is just a collection of practical advice for good people. For others, the Good Book is primarily a rule book. For me, the Bible is the living and powerful word of God (Hebrews 4:12). I read it, think about it, and share it every day.  A casual approach to Bible reading may set you up for failure since there is nothing casual about the Bible. Instead of being casual about your Bible reading I encourage you to be intentional.

I approach the Scriptures in a systematic manner to ensure that I do not cheat myself out of all that God has to say me through its 66 books. My primary approach to the Bible is based on the proposition that God’s household (the Church) is built upon the foundation of the prophets and apostles with Christ Jesus as the cornerstone (Ephesians 2:20). So, everyday I read two chapters from the Old Testament (minus Proverbs and Psalms), one chapter of the Apostles (Acts-Revelation), and a passage from the Gospels. I also alternate between Psalms and Proverbs every month. You can see an example of my plan here.

There are TONS of other reading plans too. Whatever you do, have a plan and stick to it!

My plan is effective for maintaining a healthy quantity of Scripture intake. However, when it comes to approaching the Bible, quality time is of greater value than just routine reading. So, I not only read the pages but I pause to reflect on portions that jump out to me. While I am reading I ask God to speak to my heart or to help me obey what I have just read. There are times when I am tempted to skim through a portion and the Spirit of God convicts me to slow down and digest what is written. For me, Scripture reading is more like a journey with Jesus through the narrative than an academic or religious exercise.

Long ago I prayed for an insatiable desire to read God’s Word and He granted me that request! I plan to spend my entire life reading, studying, teaching, and writing about the Living Word of Life.

If you don’t have a Bible I encourage you to download The Bible App for FREE  and start reading (or listening) today. If you are local, come see me at and I will give you a FREE copy of the greatest book.


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