Be. Do. Push.


“If you look for an excuse you will find it every time.”

I probably say that line at least 3 times a week. I say it in counseling sessions with people walking through various issues in life. I say it to unmotivated undergraduate students who are taking a second swing at the college thing. I say it to motivated graduate students who feel like giving up. I say it to know-it-all jiu jitsu students who refuse to let go of ego and humbly embrace the mental beatdown that is the martial arts. I say it in meetings where it is evident that we are dancing around the issues.

I say it to myself when laziness, people-pleasing, and comfort try to ambush excellence, discipline, and hustle.

If you look for an excuse you will find it every time. Instead of looking for excuses –

Be a leader. Be part of the solution. Be the best you…right now.

Do the hard work first. Do the right thing. Do…something, anything, other than blaming others for your situation.




Until something happens.

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