How much dog crap could I put a bowl of ice cream before you would refuse to eat it? A tablespoon? A speck? How much mold is too much before you’ll throw away a piece of bread? If we’re honest, we know that even 1 drop of poison in our coffee will ruin the whole drink. Yet, far too many of us are comfortable letting the 1% influence and effect everything else in our lives. God wants so much more for us than half-hearted living. God wants so much more for us than contentment with the status quo. God wants us to go “all in.”

Over the next 4 weeks at oneChurch.tv we are going to a look at an Old Testament book that is full off timeless principles that have meaning for us today – The Book of Malachi.

Here’s a great overview of the book:

Join us at 9am or 10:30am at the Regal Great Escape Theaters in Clarksville, TN or watch online at:



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