The Longest Paper of My Life – Pt. 2


Yesterday I shared the first part of my dissertation dedication. Along with my family, it would be very remiss of me to not shout-out the army of friends and colleagues who also helped me:

I am forever indebted to the wonderful faculty and staff of the Regent University School of Business and Leadership. I want to give a special thanks to my mentor and dissertation chair throughout this process, Dr. Joshua Henson. Thank you for shepherding me through this process with patience, grace, and just the right amount of push! I would also like to acknowledge Dr. Bruce Winston and Dr. Doris Gomez for not only serving on my dissertation committee but for their outstanding service to me throughout the coursework phase of my doctoral program. To Dr. Kathleen Patterson, thank you for being a great example or servant leadership in action! Finally, to Dr. Corné Bekker, thank you for being a loving pastor and attentive instructor to your students. I am thankful that I got to be a part of the Fall 2013 Ph.D. cohort. Although we did not have a residency requirement, we found a way to connect and walk through this program together. Robert Huizinga, Doreen O’Connor, Kamerin Lauren, and Matthew Chadwick, thank you for your prayers, text messages, hangouts, and always on time Facebook humor!

I would also like to thank my dear friends—Dr. Steve Estep, Dr. Steven Crowther, Dr. Ken Gilman, Tom Johnson, Ron McBride, Mike Burnette, Chris Edmondson, and Tim Catchim—for always being willing to talk shop with me. Every man needs a band of brothers, and I am honored to call you my tribe. To the wonderful people of GraceLife Church and, thank you for giving me the space to grow as a leader and scholar. We are better together!

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