Automate the Important


In my circles, “Automate the important” is a phrase most often used with setting up some sort of automatic payment system. Yet, I think the phrase applies to EVERYTHING. It is no secret that as a culture, we are addicted to our devices and screens. Yet, too many see that as an all bad thing. I think it’s bad when we use our devices/screens/apps to waste time, live vicariously through others, and ignore others. However, I also think that technology, when treated like the tool it is, can revolutionize the way you live in a positive way. So, here’s what I use to “automate the important” in my life:

Bible App – I’ve read the Bible almost exclusively on the Bible App for at least 6 straight years. The interface is smooth, the reading plans cover a wide variety of topics, and the way it connects me with others through its ever-improving social functions make it my #1 app. This is a great way to develop the awesome habit of spending time in the Bible.

Echo Prayer – One of the most used lies of all time is “I’ll pray for you.” I decided long ago that I wanted to make prayer a priority in my life. We schedule what really matters in our lives. So, this app let’s me keep track of prayer requests, answered prayers, and it sends me scheduled reminders to pray throughout the day. Stop lying and start praying. Automate the important. – The biggest thing I use the app for is giving. This allows me to be faithful in supporting the work of God through our church without having to jump through any complicated systems. You can also stream services or watch on demand through the app. It’s available on the App Store, Google Play, and for Apple TV.

Watch OS – The Breathe App and Activity functions on my Apple Watch have really helped me focus on my mind and body throughout the day. It’s easy to get locked in to a research project and spend hours sitting down staring at the screen. These awesome functions prompt me to get up, move around, or stop and focus on my breathing. Game changing stuff for a Type-A dude like me.

MyFitness Pal – This is a must have for anyone who is even remotely serious about paying attention to their food/exercise balance. I’ve used this app consistently since 2012. It helped me go from 330 pounds to 225 pound and it was with me when I went from 225 back up to 265. It reminds me to input my food, water intake, and exercise. It also keeps me accountable when I eat too much of the wrong stuff or if I fail to do any significant exercise. I highly recommend it.

I’ll share my productivity apps in another post. The bottom line is this: stop making excuses. Automate the important. It’s that easy.

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