“Carlo is one of those rare people who has experience in multiple domains of leadership, yet knows how to organize that experience in ways that other people can access and benefit from it. Now, through this coaching and consulting business, he is making this storehouse of wisdom and resources available to us. Whether you lead in a non-profit, church, or even business, Carlo’s personal experience and effective leadership in all of these areas has equipped him to be a leader of leaders.”

– Tim Catchim, Leadership Consultant and Co-Author of The Permanent Revolution

“Carlo Serrano epitomizes the phrase ‘player-coach.’ He offers professional coaching and consulting from the perspective of one who is very much in the game of local church ministry. He has a great ability to analyze the systems and structures of leadership, and offers practical suggestions based on hard data that will equip your church to more effectively accomplish her God-given mission.”

– Dr. Steve Estep, Senior Pastor, Clarksville Grace Church of the Nazarene

“I have connected with Carlo through work together with a non-profit ministry. Through that connection, I learned to trust and rely on Carlo. It became obvious that Carlo was a great source for advice and consultation on a variety of topics, especially in the area of employee relations. Carlo’s expertise in counseling, organizational management and psychology are of tremendous value. He provides great insights in helping deal with employee situations.”

Frank White, Owner, Media Works Design and Board Member, Clarksville Chamber of Commerce

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