The Blogs

I’ve written tons about what books I am reading and what not. I have also shared with you my Bible reading plan. What I have not shared before is my blog feed. Everyday I read blogs on a variety of subjects that interest me on the personal and profesional levels. Here are the current blogs that are in my reader as of right now in the order in which they appear in my daily feed. Enjoy:

1. Aaron’s Angle

2. Mark Batterson

3. iChilly

4. Macworld

5. Seth’s Blog

6. The Resurgence

7. Perry Noble

8. Big is the New Small

9. Michael Hyatt’s Blog

10. Ragamuffin Soul

11. MMA Junkie

12. Mike Burnette’s Blog

13. Ron Edmondson

14. Ed Stetzer

15. Johnny Kelley

16. Chris Edmondson

17. Kevin Miller

18. Jon Acuff’s Blog

19. xkcd

20. Stuff Christians Like

21. Office Tally

22. Great Leaders Serve

23. TUAW

24. Yahweh’s Song

25. There and Back Again

26. My Encounters With God


28. Xtreme Ministries

29. Keep It Playful

30. Lapel Choke

What blogs are you reading? Which should I add in 2013?

Windows Made A New Tablet…Nobody Cares

At least I don’t care. I don’t care because Microsoft doesn’t innovate. They haven’t in years. As long as companies keep trying to make the next “iPad Killer” they will fail. They will fail because while they are busy making a so-called “killer”, Apple is out innovating them by staying true to their culture and values. Trust me, no one at 1 Infinite Loop is trying to build the next Microsoft or Android killer. They are too busy creating fresh products that are revolutionary.

There is a lesson for all of us here. We can go through life trying to copy someone else’s success or we can be true to who God created us to be. The former will always end in frustration. The latter changes the world.

Thanks Steve…

I know I’m a little behind the press cycle. Better late than never. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a fan(atic) of all things Apple. I still use the fire out of my 5th Gen 30GB iPod Classic. I watch TV on an iMac. I’m a pastor, radio co-host, and leader and my iPad lets me do all 3 seamlessly. I make and edit tons of video and study psychology full-time via my White MacBook. And of course, there’s the beautiful iPhone 4 that does well…you know. One year I lead so many people to Mac it wasn’t even funny. (Don’t you dare Jesus Juke me. I’ll cut you.)

So, thanks Steve. Thanks for building a great company and selling dreams, not just products.

Sunday Thoughts

1. Father’s Day rocked! I am blessed.

2. We had a great turn out this morning in site of the crazy weather. God is growing Xtreme in every way!

3. Due to some technical difficulties we might not have the podcast of today’s talk up this week.

4. I am blessed to serve with a great team. I am glad that we can be real. During our morning run-through we spent a good bit of time discussing stores that should be destroyed and why fabric  shopping makes men want to harm themselves. Good times!

5. It seems that I have killed the “p” key on my MacBook. 3 years of near nonstop use have finally caught up. Looks like a trip to the Apple store is in order. (Thank God for Apple Care!)

6. This week looks to be crazy busy. When does summer break start again ; )

7. “Don’t become so well-adjusted to your culture that you fit into it without even thinking. Instead, fix your attention on God. You’ll be changed from the inside out.” Romans 12:2 (MSG)

First World Ramblings About Apple

I am an Apple fan. Please don’t ever call me a fanboy because you will get dealt with. (Boy always sounds like a racial slur to me, but that’s for another post) Anyway, I’m an Apple fan…and they have spoiled me rotten. I quite literally use their products for everything.With all of the “magic” that is iPad, the speed and beauty that is iPhone 4, and the creative power that is Mac, they have set the bar really high for me. However, I watched the iPad 2 keynote and was totally unimpressed. Okay, the smart covers were really cool. Other than that, I didn’t see anything in the new iPad that would make me want to upgrade. I still want one. What’s wrong with me?


It’s Okay To Disagree

Yesterday I participated in a great theological conversation that my friend Shaun King had on his blog. It was so refreshing to have a civil conversation with a brother that I respect…yet TOTALLY disagree with on some matters. I’ve learned that being righteous means way more than being right. Sometimes we need to lay down our opinions for the sake of community. I’m not saying we have to compromise our convictions or the Word of God. I’m saying that we need to speak the truth IN LOVE. Chill out. It s okay to disagree.


Bad is a better album than Thriller.

The Beatles are better than U2.

Apple is better than Mac.

Coke beats Pepsi every time.

Go ahead, feel free to disagree with me ; )

The Gossip Fence

I loved reading the Snuffy Smith comic strip as a kid. Snuffy’s wife, Loweezy, would always end up at “The Gossip Fence” with her friend Elviney. The Gossip Fence was this central location where they would gather daily to dish the dirt and do what bucket mouths do…spread rumors. Call me crazy, but the Gossip Fence sure sounds a lot like sports radio and tech blogs.

Steve Jobs announced that he is taking a medical leave of abscene and the entire tech world has gathered at the Gossip fence.

Brett Favre submitted his retirement papers and the sports world is once again at the Gossip fence.

Isn’t it interesting that we hate when people get in our business and speculate about our personal lives, yet we love getting the latest, hottest, juiciest….”news”? Anyway, I have to run. Macworld and just posted some more news at the Gossip Fence ; )

Blessings of 2010

1. My wife and children. They are my best friends and keep me grounded.

2. Chuck and “The Spirit of Clarksville”.My mentor and big brother has helped me through some serious battles this year and given me the opportunity to have fun doing radio ministry.

3. My iPad, iPhone4, and iMac. The iPhone and the iMac were both blessings and bargains. A man I’d never seen before gave me a gift bag after church one day. I thought it was cologne. It was an iPad. It has become my most favorite gadget and a must have tool.

4. Xtreme. They took a chance on me. It’s an honor to lead such a great church.

How were you blessed in 2010?