Windows Made A New Tablet…Nobody Cares

At least I don't care. I don't care because Microsoft doesn't innovate. They haven't in years. As long as companies keep trying to make the next "iPad Killer" they will fail. They will fail because while they are busy making a so-called "killer", Apple is out innovating them by staying true to their culture and values. Trust me, no … Continue reading Windows Made A New Tablet…Nobody Cares

First World Ramblings About Apple

I am an Apple fan. Please don't ever call me a fanboy because you will get dealt with. (Boy always sounds like a racial slur to me, but that's for another post) Anyway, I'm an Apple fan...and they have spoiled me rotten. I quite literally use their products for everything.With all of the "magic" that … Continue reading First World Ramblings About Apple

It’s Okay To Disagree

Yesterday I participated in a great theological conversation that my friend Shaun King had on his blog. It was so refreshing to have a civil conversation with a brother that I respect...yet TOTALLY disagree with on some matters. I've learned that being righteous means way more than being right. Sometimes we need to lay down … Continue reading It’s Okay To Disagree

The Gossip Fence

I loved reading the Snuffy Smith comic strip as a kid. Snuffy's wife, Loweezy, would always end up at "The Gossip Fence" with her friend Elviney. The Gossip Fence was this central location where they would gather daily to dish the dirt and do what bucket mouths do...spread rumors. Call me crazy, but the Gossip … Continue reading The Gossip Fence

Blessings of 2010

1. My wife and children. They are my best friends and keep me grounded. 2. Chuck and "The Spirit of Clarksville".My mentor and big brother has helped me through some serious battles this year and given me the opportunity to have fun doing radio ministry. 3. My iPad, iPhone4, and iMac. The iPhone and the … Continue reading Blessings of 2010