While you are arguing on Facebook…

While you are busy arguing on Facebook: People are still going without food Widows and orphans are still suffering Humans are still being sold into slavery The unborn AND the born are dying while we play politics Evil is winning Instead of posting that comment to a mind that you will NEVER change on Facebook: … Continue reading While you are arguing on Facebook…

Don’t Let the Tool Use You

Social media turns people into angry elves. Seriously, take a scroll through a FB timeline or the comments section of your nearest YouTube video and you'll find a common theme of ego, ignorance, and rudeness all hidden behind the flimsy mask of "opinion." Somehow we've been duped into thinking that just because we can type it, … Continue reading Don’t Let the Tool Use You

Re-Thinking Small Groups

Intimacy within small groups is a critical, yet complex construct involving several key elements. Of particular interest to Christian leadership is the notion that “intimacy involves a sharing of one’s whole self.”[1] An exploration of Pauline, Petrine, and Johannine ecclesiology reveals a consensus regarding small groups and Christian leadership. Simply put, there is no such … Continue reading Re-Thinking Small Groups

Something From Nothing: Foo Fighter Reflections

Last October I got to check an item off of the bucket list when I saw Paul McCartney live in concert. Then, 6 months ago I got to check another item off when I saw Stevie Wonder perform his Songs in the Key of Life album in its entirety (plus tons of other hits). Well, now … Continue reading Something From Nothing: Foo Fighter Reflections

What I’m Learning

1. If sanctification is the process and spiritual formation is the “goal,” then community serves as the primary vehicle for Christ-like growth. 2. If it is an error to divorce theology from transformation then one could argue that is also an error to divorce the spiritual practices (prayer, silence, solitude, worship, service, etc.) from spiritual formation. 3. … Continue reading What I’m Learning