Move Toward the Mess

We all were a mess, are a mess, or we are all one dumb decision away from making a mess. So instead of throwing stones of judgement, instead of trying to clean up the mess of others, and instead of sitting on the sidelines, we should move toward the mess. As Christ-followers we are not called … Continue reading Move Toward the Mess

Compassion Experience

The Compassion Experience will be in Clarksville THIS Friday through Monday (January 13-16)! This experience will educate visitors about the realities of life in poverty as well as provide an international experience to visitors who may not ever have the opportunity to travel abroad to a developing country. The four-day event will be set up in … Continue reading Compassion Experience

Cosplay Clarksville

We love our neighbors in Clarksville! We love them so much we’re throwing them a party this Saturday from 2-5pm at LEAP Plaza. This family friendly, unique, and FREE Halloween party will have a MineCraft Crafting Lounge, a gaming tournament, a Lego Zone with Lego Race track, a costume contest and TONS of free candy! Spread the word and … Continue reading Cosplay Clarksville