Automate the Important Part 2 – Productivity

One of the questions that I am most frequently asked is, “How do you find the time to…?” The answer is quite simple: I don’t have to FIND the time to do anything…because I never LOST the time in the first place. It all comes down to working smarter AND harder, living on a time budget, … Continue reading Automate the Important Part 2 – Productivity

First World Ramblings About Apple

I am an Apple fan. Please don't ever call me a fanboy because you will get dealt with. (Boy always sounds like a racial slur to me, but that's for another post) Anyway, I'm an Apple fan...and they have spoiled me rotten. I quite literally use their products for everything.With all of the "magic" that … Continue reading First World Ramblings About Apple

Batterson, Blogs, and the Best Chicken Sandwich.

I love the twists of life. I was supposed to see Mark Batterson speak in Mt. Juliet on Wednesday. Instead, I'm blogging from his coffeehouse in DC right now. I'm not a celebrity worshipper (except for Jack Bauer...and Cosby...and Michael Jackson). Seriously, a lot of people get caught up with who the "in" guy is. … Continue reading Batterson, Blogs, and the Best Chicken Sandwich.