First World Ramblings About Apple

I am an Apple fan. Please don’t ever call me a fanboy because you will get dealt with. (Boy always sounds like a racial slur to me, but that’s for another post) Anyway, I’m an Apple fan…and they have spoiled me rotten. I quite literally use their products for everything.With all of the “magic” that is iPad, the speed and beauty that is iPhone 4, and the creative power that is Mac, they have set the bar really high for me. However, I watched the iPad 2 keynote and was totally unimpressed. Okay, the smart covers were really cool. Other than that, I didn’t see anything in the new iPad that would make me want to upgrade. I still want one. What’s wrong with me?


Tomorrow Never Knows

There has been so much buzz about his arrival. People are waiting with great expectation. Some claim they’ve seen him. Other’s say he’ll never come. While all of this could be said of Jesus (He is coming soon by the way), the person I’m talking about is the one and only Mr. Verizon iPhone. To all of you who are anxiously awaiting him, I found the perfect scripture for you this morning:

“But concerning that day or that hour, no one knows, not even the angels in heaven,nor the Son, but only the Father. Be on guard, keep awake.For you do not know when the time will come.” Mark 13:32-33 (ESV)

Happy Tuesday!



Around the Blogosphere

Here are some posts that have really caused me to think  this week:

1. Shaun King really stirred the pot with this one. Reader discretion is advised (if you are easily offended)

2. Kevin leads worship at our church. This post hit me right between the eyes!

3. I love my iPad. Michael Hyatt gives some insight into the different E-readers on the market here.

4. The style of my post today is a total ripoff of something Perry Noble does. That being said, he challenged me with this post last week.

5. Carlos Whittaker kept it real and convicted me with this one.

6. Who doesn’t like Seth’s Blog? (Don’t tell me if its you.)

7. My friend Mike is brilliant and his church is going to shake up Clarksville in a big way. He hasn’t posted anything other than a post saying he’s starting a blog…but I wanted you to check it out anyway.

My thoughts on WWDC 2010

Well they’ve done it again. Apple has just convinced millions of people that their state of the art iPhones (3G and 3Gs) are now worthless. Welcome iPhone 4. I’m on the fence. I’ll definitely upgrade…just don’t know if I’ll get a 4 or a 3Gs. I’m more interested in iOS 4 then the new phone (except for the whole iMovie for iPhone thing!)

Anyway, I find it amazing how this company keeps making the best products better. I’m a little disappointed that the rumored trackpad wasn’t announced, but other than that I’m excited to try out all of the new features. I won’t waste time here laying them all out. You can visit Apple for the tech specs and features.

Batterson, Blogs, and the Best Chicken Sandwich.

I love the twists of life. I was supposed to see Mark Batterson speak in Mt. Juliet on Wednesday. Instead, I’m blogging from his coffeehouse in DC right now. I’m not a celebrity worshipper (except for Jack Bauer…and Cosby…and Michael Jackson). Seriously, a lot of people get caught up with who the “in” guy is. Mark is definitely a very influential guy in the church right now, but celebrity he is not. He’s a normal dude pastoring a great church. He returns my emails (WHICH IS A HUGE STATEMENT ABOUT HIM), and he’s down to earth. So blogging downstairs from the office of the guy who got me into blogging is a very big deal for me. By the way, the Tuscan Chicken Sub at Ebenezers will indeed make you slap your momma.

Media Irony

Here are some things I find ironic about modern media:

1. The fair and balanced network is anything but. (I still watch though…)

2. MTV claims to be on the side of big social issues…yet they pump millions into Cribs and Jersey Shore. What the what?

3. 9 gaming systems, 4 iPods, 3 iPhones, TVs, hundreds of movies, Satellite,  hundreds of books, board games, tons of toys, a giant yard, basketball court…and kids still say “I’m bored.” I need to sell it all and move to the country. Yeah right!

4. There is no need for 250 channels. Give me 30 good networks and lets call it a day. (I stole that thought from Marylynn Rajskub). Be honest. Do you watch every channel you pay for?

5. Helvetica.

6. Microsoft charges extra to make the 360 Wifi ready. They also charge extra to play online. They also don’t support Blueray (yet?) and charge extra for an HD DVD player. They do charge close to the same price (xBox Elite) as the PS3 which DOES do all of those things.  And you say they aren’t the devil?

7. 10 years ago I didn’t own a cell phone, DVD player,  laptop, PC, or a pager. I wanted those things but I lived without them. Today on the other hand…